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I’m Kat Seyes and I write erotica by, for and about women like me. We’re classy powerhouses in the boardroom and trashy wild women in the bedroom. My heroines know what they want and go after it with gusto. No one will ever be able to call my girls doormats. They love ’em and leave them begging for more—and believe me they always beg for more. It’s not a pretty sight but what the hell?

Why do I write women who are basically female versions of the stereotypical Alpha male? Why not?

Seriously, I’m tired of reading stories where strong women are considered Ice Queen Bitches and those who love sex are called whores. I’m tired of the double standard throughout literature, not just erotica. On one hand you have readers who want the wilting violets in need of a billionaire to sweep them off their feet, and on the other you have readers who want a woman to stand her ground everywhere else but the bedroom.

Enough already!

I’m not a shrinking violet. I swear, watch porn and talk dirty to and with my sexual partners. I don’t cling to any of them nor do I tolerate them clinging to me. We come together for the most mind blowing sex any of us have ever experienced and then move on to the next. Sure we may see each other again but it’s not a necessity. The same goes for my heroines.

My Bucket List Series is a fictionalized account of my journey to experience all of my sexual fantasies as often as possible. I’ve traveled across the country and had a hell of a time along the way. Of course the names and places have been changed to protect those who wish to remain anonymous, but they’ll know who they are when they read about our romps. We had a blast and there are no regrets. Now all of you will get to relive the experiences with me. You’ll want to have your favorite toys or partner close at hand when you start reading.

Trust me. None of these tales are safe for work so don’t leave your copy of the books out in the open for all to see.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me. I’ll keep updating the site as I get the hang of all this stuff. Put me in front of a room full of stuffed shirts and I can knock their socks off. Ask me to Tweet or blog and all of a sudden I’m at a loss for words. Go figure! LOL

Catch you later!


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