The #BucketList will be here as a Free READ next month! #erotic

Hello my friends it’s been far to long! I have no excuse for it other than being caught up in real life sucks beyond words. Now I’m back to writing again and enjoying every single second. I hope you all were naughty while I was away and I’d love to hear about it. Just leave a comment below and let’s get this party started!

Now on to “book business”

Prowling Vegas CoverAfter debating with myself for the last couple months, I’ve decided to release Prowling Vegas and the following novellas in The Bucket List series as free reads here on the blog. Sassy Vixen Publishing will promote links to my blog so more of you can enjoy my fantasy journey. These are experiences I was able to check off my personal sexual Bucket List and I hope reading them will inspire you to create your own lists. Don’t be shy! There are no rules when it comes to your own fantasies. The sky’s the limit. Why not push your inhibitions out the door and give yourself over to every temptation. If you’re not ready to experience them yet, write them down in a journal. Use great detail, but be prepared to throw all of it out the window when you’re able to bring your fantasy to life. The orgasms come when you give yourself permission to let them crash through you. Trust me. Once you ditch the hangups and what you THINK others will say about your fantasies, you’ll be able to experience each moment to the fullest.

So get ready for my LA and Vegas adventures to make March ROAR to life!

See you soon!


Girl playing in casino.


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