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Hello my lovelies! After the last chapter, I’m sure you’re looking for more. Here we are again hinting at things to come in Sin City with my long time lover, Darryl, friend Steve and some new friends. This week I’m a little melancholy and unsure about continuing on the Bucket List journey…

Join me.

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Prowling Vegas CoverHe held me close as the last notes of my favorite Taylor Dane song played over the limo speakers. Memories of our time together flooded back. Slow dancing here on this very spot we’d planned our life together, although I didn’t realize it then. He’d posed it as a game we called What If. With each question we confessed our dreams to each other if we lived in a perfect world. Back then, in his arms, was my perfect world.

And then I threw it all away.

He pulled his head from mine and touched my cheek. “There will be none of that, kitten. No regrets. Our lives are exactly where they’re supposed to be at this point in time.”

I leaned into his hand. “I didn’t realize until the moment I saw you at the airport, how much I’ve missed you and our town. I don’t know if I can leave here in two weeks without you. What do you say? Will you join me on my quest?”

He kissed my forehead, my nose and then my lips with such tenderness it brought tears to my eyes. He didn’t have to say a word. I had my answer.

“Once again we’re traveling in different directions.”

“No. We’re both going in the same direction, just parallel paths. Right now they’ve crossed. We can either enjoy it while we can, or keep up the what ifs.” He draped his arm around my waist and guided me back to the limo, this time to the front seat.

“You really believe that or are you letting me down easy.”

He brought my hand to his lips and then smiled. “Letting you down is never easy. That’s why I refuse to say goodbye to you whenever you have to go. I know you’ll always come back to me. We’re connected, you and I.”

I placed my hand over his heart and he placed his over mine. “Heart and soul.”

“Always and forever.”

I adjusted my seat belt and my skirt and watched Darryl walk around to his side of the car. My clit pulsed and throbbed with an ache only he could satisfy. Knowing that fact had me second guessing my decision to do the Bucket List tour now, or ever. I could stay here with him and our friends and be happier than I’ve been in a hell of a long time—until the restlessness came back.

And it would. It always did.

He handed me my bag and then started up the car. “I’ve been selfish long enough. It’s time I get you over to the Cosmopolitan. Your suite of rooms has been ready for you since yesterday. Everything is as you requested.”

I rifled through my bag until I my fingers brushed over my sunglasses. The sun had risen high enough to cast its light over the city. The glare from the buildings could be unbearable without my Ray Bans. With them securely in place, I watched The Strip come alive. At this time of the morning, you would think there wouldn’t be so many people out and about. This is when the true magic of Vegas can be found. At night all you can see are the flashing lights beckoning the tourists to enter the casinos and try their luck. In the early morning is when you can see the heart of the town…the residents and the workers wiping away the last of the party trash and polishing everything until it shined.

I rolled down the window and inhaled deeply. Later tonight the scents would be a mixture of booze, sex, and taxi cab exhaust. Now was the only time the desert air carried the fresh scent of new beginnings. At any given moment that all would change, but for me it had always been the same.

Darryl brought the limo around to the VIP entrance and turned off the engine. “You have my number?”

I pulled my glasses down and stared at him. “Seriously?”

He shrugged. “It’s been a hell of a long time. People get new phones, delete contacts by accident or on purpose..”

I slid over the seat and onto his lap. I kissed him hard. “Your number is always with me. If you’ll not come with me when I leave Vegas at the end of the month, then promise me we’ll have our time alone, just you and me. Like the old days.”

cosmo entryHe nodded. “I promise. Now get back on your side of the car before the bell hop pisses his pants waiting to open the door for you.”

I threw my head back and laughed. I hadn’t laughed that hard in ages, but did as he asked. The poor kid did look like he’d wet his pants if I took any longer so I decided to put him out of his misery. I smiled at him through the open window. “Go ahead, sweetheart. I won’t bite…unless you want me to and ask nicely.”

I stepped out onto the curb and then kissed his cheek.

He blushed from head to toe in an instant. “Welcome to the Cosmopolitan, Ms. Seyes. Go ahead and check in. I’ll be sure to get your bags up to your rooms, personally.”

“Thank you, honey. Can you tell me if Mr. Eischer has arrived yet?”

He shook his head. “We’d expected him within the hour but he called to say he’d be at least another before he would make here.” His eyes darted from my face to my legs and then settled on my chest. He licked his lips and then dared to look me in the eyes.

I slipped a hondo into the pocket at his breast and whispered in his ear. “There’s more where that came from if you play your cards right.”

Darryl chuckled. “Watch out for this one, Brian. She’s a wild one!”

The bell hop smiled. “I got this one, Darryl.”

“See that you do. We wouldn’t want Mr. Eischer to hear his special guest is unhappy now would we?”

He shook his head. “No we wouldn’t. I’ll take care of everything while you check in, Ms. Seyes. You can count on me.”

I turned and blew a kiss to Darryl and made my way through the doors and into the magnificent lobby. The pillars in front of me displayed moving three dimensional images of nudes in silhouette. I gazed in wonder at the beauty before me. Every inch of the space had been designed to enthrall and seduce all who stepped through the doors. I was no exception.

Fucking gorgeous.

I made a mental note to ask Steve if I could be a part of the performance art shown on those pillars. My nipples hardened with the thought of thousands of man and women staring at my image like I stared at the ones playing now.

You wouldn’t think I’d be excited about being on display like that since that had been my job for years and it was the heart of my business now. This is different than porn. This was true erotic performance art and I wanted to be a part of it.

“Welcome back to the Cosmopolitan, Ms. Seyes.”

The voice brought me out of my daydreaming and back to reality. The beauty before me smiled and beckoned me to follow her to one of the reception desks. “It’s good to be back, Jeri. What a wonderful surprise to have you as my concierge.” I licked my lips and stifled a groan. Damn she looked fantastic in her curve hugging tailored suit but I remembered all too well how good she looked out of it.

“When Mr. Eischer informed us of your plans, I volunteered to be the one to make sure all of your needs are met. Whatever you wish for, it’s my job to make it happen.”

cosmo pillars“Anything I wish for?”

She nodded. “Yes. I’m at your disposal day or night.”

“Can this day get any better?” I smiled and signed the places she indicated on the tablet. Gone were the days when you had to sign on a paper ledger. Now it’s all computerized. Hell, there are sex dolls so life like, you don’t have to have another human fuck you. With these dolls, you could fuck yourself silly and keep coming back for more without fear your partner would turn you down or wear out.

Where’s the fun in that?

“The hunk Brian is in my suite with my bags now. What would you say to joining us in about an hour?”

Jeri bit her lower lip and then smiled. “As you wish.”

“Bring the toy chest with you.”

She shuddered and nodded. “It’s already in your bedroom. I thought you may want access to it as soon as you arrived.”

“That I do. One hour, Jer Bear. The door will be unlocked.”

I turned and made my way across the floor, my heels clicking along the highly polished floors to the private elevator that would take me to room 7078, the most exclusive penthouse in the resort—my home away from home and for the next two hours the first of menage a trois of my Vegas getaway.

I tapped out a message to Steve as the elevator sped to its destination. “Take your time, darlin. I’ve busted out the toys and a couple new playmates who will keep me entertained for the next couple hours. Let me know when you’re headed over so I can have breakfast ready and waiting. We have much to discuss. Come hungry!”

Seconds later her phone buzzed with his answer. “I’m always hungry when you’re in town. Don’t wear out the playmates on the first day!”



* * * *

Next week: Fun with Jeri and Brian

Prowling Vegas (Bucket List)

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