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Chapter 3

 Kat’s Beach House

Venice Beach, CA

 A shadow blocked the sun’s rays from darkening my skin. Of course, it’s the price I pay for choosing to have my favorite tanning spot in the middle of all the chaos that is Venice Beach. As soon as I’d pulled into the garage attached to my digs, the nosy neighborhood watch informed everyone far and wide. All I wanted to do was blend in with the other scantily clad beach bunnies and fry my skin to a golden brown. Apparently, this Shadow Man had other ideas.

Prowling Vegas Cover“Ma’am, I hope you’ve applied enough sun screen. The sun here can fry you to a crisp in less than an hour.”

I flipped my sunglasses down from the top of my head before I opened my eyes. I should’ve known. Damn lifeguards were known to hit on every honey hole in their path. I guess I should be flattered, but at the moment I was pissed. “Thank you for your concern, but I’ve got it covered. So if you don’t mind. You’re cutting into my limited sun time.”

He moved to my right and knelt next to my blanket. “I’m sorry Ms. Seyes, but looks like you’re not going to have the beach to yourself much longer. There’s a shit ton of paparazzi headed this way.”

“Let them come. I have nothing to hide. This is a public beach isn’t it?” I didn’t bother to look at his face for an answer. The bulge in his swim trunks told me all I needed to know. He wanted one on one time with me and used the impending paparazzi assault as an excuse to come to my rescue. I’m sure he didn’t count on my indifferent attitude.

“The beach is open to the public, but it’s my job to make sure everyone is safe. The easiest thing to do in this situation is get you out of sight.”

And there it is.

I laughed. “Took you long enough.”

He smiled and helped me up from the blanket. “I’m off duty and headed to the tower to meet up with my partner. You’re welcome to join us until we can find a way to get you back to your house and out of the spotlight.”

I took in all of the tanned body before me and licked my lips. If his partner was built anything like him, my pussy was in for one hell of a ride. Judging from wetness between my thighs, my cunt wanted to test out the theory. “So I’m supposed to hide out in the lifeguard tower with the two of you until the coast is clear?

He shrugged. “I’m sure we can find something to do to pass the time.”

I traced my fingertips over his ripped abs. “I don’t doubt that for one minute, cowboy. Only thing is the games you want to play aren’t exactly the quiet kind. How do you propose we stay hidden and fulfill those fantasies running through your head?”

“I’m up for the challenge if you are.” He took my bag and blanket from me and captured my hand into his. He brought my fingers to his lips and kissed them. His eyes appeared to sparkle with mischief.

The air left my lungs and ended up as a slow purr. I wanted this stud right there on the beach. I didn’t care if we were surrounded by tourists and reporters with cameras popping. I wanted to ride him until both of us passed out from pleasure and exhaustion. So much for a weekend of quiet and relaxation. I should have known my libido wouldn’t let me enjoy my attempt at blending in with the other ocean lovers.

As we approached the white, two story structure I noticed it had already been shut up for the day and the third of our impending ménage stood at the top of the ramp. Yep. Definitely in for a wild time with these two. This one’s mahogany skin glistened with tanning oil and water droplets. He appeared to have just hopped off a surf board ready to take on another wave.

Lucky me.

Two young fans in passionate embraces.Damn good thing I always come prepared. Lube and condoms are always with me wherever I go. That may sound slutty to those goody two shoes out there, but in this day and age no one should leave their health in the hands of anyone else. Besides, you never know when opportunities such as this dump in your lap.

“So are you going to keep me in the dark or do I refer to you as Thing One and Thing Two?”

Yummy morsel number one tossed my bag and blanket up to his buddy and then tossed me over his shoulder in a perfectly executed fireman’s carry. “I’m Jason and my cousin here is Malaki but we all call him Junior.”

I squeezed his taut ass through his trunks and smiled. “Let me guess. You’re both Samoan.”

Junior laughed. “Ever been with an Islander?”

Jason sat me back on my feet between them. Both were tall and towered over me. Impressive warriors they’d make in my films but that conversation would be for another day. Time to stake my claim on these two now before the cum ran down my thighs and made a sticky mess. Not that I minded being covered in my own juices, I’d much rather have my legs wrapped around one of these hunks when it happened.

I gripped both of their rock hard cocks in my hands and squeezed. “I have lovers all around the world but there’s nothing like being taken by a Samoan. Thanks to your cousin, looks like I get double the fun. Are we going inside, or are you going to fuck me in front of an audience?”

Junior’s smiled lit up his face. He tilted his head toward the open door. “After you.”

I picked up my things and glided over his hard body. His arms wrapped around me and lifted me off my feet to bring my eyes level with his. He smelled of salt and coconut oil and I wanted to lick every inch of him.

So much for keeping my thighs dry.

Jason grabbed the walkie talkie on the railing. “Tower four is out of service for the next hour. We’re off for our dinner break.”

“Roger. Towers Two and Three will cover your area until you check back in.”

Junior’s lips devoured mine as soon as Jason locked the door behind us and took things from my hands.

I ran my fingers through Junior’s hair and wrapped my legs around his waist. My tongue danced with his, twirling and swirling, fighting for control.

Jason’s fingers traced over my lower back and then tugged at the ties of my bikini. The thin material fell away as he coaxed my legs down until I stood between them. My tits flattened against Junior’s chest. I ground my ass into Jason’s bulge in his shorts. I tilted my head back to break the kiss. “Time to get naked, boys.”

I slipped my fingers in the waist band of their shorts and then dropped to my knees. Both men pulled their tank tops over their heads. The movement caused their glorious cocks to thrust in my face. I gripped one in each hand and squeezed.

As if on cue, both dripped with pre-cum. My tongue darted out and swiped at first one then the other. I closed my eyes and moaned. Both tasted sweet and salty.

Just the way I like my cocks.

Young coupleI swirled my tongue around Jason’s dick and stroked Junior until they gasped. Then I switched. Back and forth between the two cousins, I lost myself. Jason’s thighs trembled and he clutched at my hair until I popped him out of my mouth one more time.

He pushed me back toward the floor and covered my body with his. He scooped my legs over his forearms and pushed them up and over his shoulders as the mushroom head of his cock pushed inside me. His hips moved forward and he slammed all the way inside of me. The force of his thrusts caused our bodies to slide across the floor.

Junior knelt and eased under my shoulders so my head rested in his lap. His hands cupped my breasts and then began kneading and squeezing them in time with his cousin’s thrusts. Few men had hands large enough to give my tits a workout let alone know what to do with the monsters, but I had nothing to worry about with this stud. He knew when to flip between twirling my nipples to rock hard stones and feathering my areolas until they puckered and darkened a deep rosy shade of pink.

I arched my back as the first orgasm rolled through my body. I bit my lip to stifle a scream. Jason’s cock stroked every inch of my pussy as it clenched and pulsed around it. Junior’s cock grew before my eyes to nearly double in length and width. I had to have him inside me.

Jason smiled at my expression and pulled out of me. “Junior has a reputation back home. Every girl swears off men after her fucks ‘em.”

I sat up and moved to settle my back against Jason’s. My gaze held Junior’s as he stroked his rod to full attention. “Is that true?”

His cheeks turned crimson and then he shrugged. “I’ve never been with a woman like you.”

“What do you mean? A woman like me?” My fingers snaked down my stomach and settled between my legs. My clit throbbed and demanded attention. I pinched it and then stroked and rubbed it until I squirted again. My juices shot out of me and hit Junior’s thighs. I smiled and beckoned him to take what he wanted. His long, thick tongue had already ravaged my mouth. I wanted to see what he could do with my cunt.

He crawled toward me and then licked his lips. “A woman who knows what she wants and not afraid to take it.” His head settled between my legs and then he inhaled. He groaned and dove in.

I cried out as he latched onto my clit. His lips sealed around it and then strummed it with the tip of his tongue. He thrust two fingers in my quivering pussy, feeling his way to the soft spongy spot so called experts claim doesn’t exist.

“Holy, mother fucking shit!” My eyes rolled back and my body shook. My thighs clenched his head in a vice-like grip. Instead of slowing down his assault, my reaction kicked it into high gear. He pushed my legs wide and tipped my hips up to gain access to my ass. He speared my tight hole over and over. As many times as I’ve had anal, I was prepared for a cold lubed finger to tease and stretch my inner ring, but Junior surprised me with a cinnamon flavored warming lube that took my breath away.

Jason nipped at my neck and ear lobes. “Once that ass of yours is ready, I’m going to fuck you until you scream. But first my cousin gets to feel that magic pussy of yours.”

Junior’s eyes never left mine as he eased away from me and onto his back. He wrapped his hands around his monster cock and squeezed. Precum dribbled from the tip once more.

I licked my lips and crawled over his legs, tasting his dark salty skin until I reached my prize. I lapped at the tip of his cock until he groaned then slid up to position my pussy so I could take him in.

Hands circled my waist from behind and lifted me up so my opening hovered inches above Junior’s cock. I whimpered. I wanted to ride him, feel him stretch me to accommodate his girth. My cunt throbbed and ached with need. I reached down and swiped his cock through my lips to coat him with my juices then bent my knees to ease down until my ass sat on his thighs.

I swooned and fell forward to rest my hands on his broad chest.

Sexy woman playing with macho mans absJason’s hands moved down to my ass and kneaded each cheek. His fingers dipped into my ass. He stroked and teased until I was able to move against him on my own. Each time I slid up and down Junior’s cock, Jason’s fingers met me stroke for stroke. My mind blanked as my body took over and enjoyed wave after wave of pleasure cascading through it. This wasn’t my first rodeo with two lovers at once, but these two have reset the bar for future encounters.

Junior moaned and thrust into me, urging me to pick up the pace.

I smiled and then planted my feet on the floor. Years on the Stair Master made my legs powerful as well as sexy as hell. I leaned back and placed my hands on his thighs as I plunged faster and faster up and down his cock. In this position, Jason couldn’t access my ass, but he’d taken the hint and stood up next to me.

He stroked his cock to keep it rock hard and primed for the backdoor action he’d promised me only moments before.

“God, Kat I’m gonna blow if you keep that up.” Junior reached for me and pulled me toward his chest. He grabbed my ass and spread it wide.

Jason moved behind and slipped his condom sheathed dick into me. He’d coated the rubber with the cinnamon lube that intensified the initial burning sensation of his entry. That soon gave way to another orgasm. The heat enveloped my entire body. My skin flushed with exertion and from the ecstasy coursing through my veins. I knew it for a fact because my videographers always caught it on film. It’s what made my movies real to my fans. There was no faking that shit. Many have tried and failed.

Not me.

And definitely not with these two.

Junior grunted and then stiffened under me as Jason pounded the hell out of my ass. The sensation of being sandwiched between their rock hard bodies put me so far over the top I had to bury my face in Junior’s chest to stifle a scream.

That had been enough to send Jason over the edge with me. The three of us clung to each other until our breathing normalized and their cocks shrunk enough to slip out of me. That’s the part I always hated—the emptiness left behind after such an intense session. Of course, these two more than made up for it with their attention to giving me a memory of the beach I won’t soon forget!

While we helped each other find our bathing suits around the room, I had the chance to broach the subject of acting in adult films. “I know talent when I see it and both of you could have a fabulous future at The Kat House if you’re interested.”

Jason laughed. “Tempting offer, but I’ll have to pass. This with you was a fantasy come true for me. I’d never be able to top it.”

“What about you, big guy? Don’t tell me you’re going to keep that magic tongue of yours a secret.”

Junior smiled. “If I get to fuck women half as beautiful as you, then count me in.”

I grabbed my beach bag and fished out my card. “Call my assistant, Marcus. I only give out this number to people I want to represent. He’ll take it from there.” I handed him the card and then kissed him one last time.

I followed Jason out of there as Junior called in to headquarters to let them know their tower was back in service. “My offer is open ended. If you ever change your mind, give me a call.”

Prowling Vegas CoverHe held his arm out for me and then smiled. “Will do. How about I get you home before anyone else finds out you’re here?”

“Aww. I’d appreciate the escort. Usually I don’t mind being recognized, but the two of you wiped me out. All I want to do now is grab a quick bite to eat and curl up with a good book.”

“One of yours?” He held the door of his jeep open for me as I jumped into the passenger seat with all of my beach gear in tow.

“Nope. When I’m on a vacation, even if it’s only for a couple days, I stay away from my stuff and read my faves. Tonight I’m catching up on my George R. R. Martin. I’m finally on the last book.”

“Really? I didn’t take you for a fantasy sort of reader.”

“My tastes are all over the place. From horror, to fantasy, to romance—I love them all.” I smiled. I was used to surprising people. I wonder what he’d think of my college degrees. I nipped that thought in the bud. He and his cousin had been a wonderful distraction but I had to get my mind back on my upcoming trip to Vegas.

He made his way through the beach goers with ease and within minutes he had me at my door. “If you’re back this way…”

I leaned over and then kissed him. I inhaled and committed his scent to memory. Damn. What I wouldn’t give to have him join me for the first part of my tour. Instead I’ll have to settle for dreaming about him tonight. “You’ll be the first to know.”

I sashayed up my walkway knowing full well he watched my every move. Good. The memories of my ass will keep him up at night and it won’t be long before he calls. Marcus is going to kill me for letting another one fall in love with me.

Oh well. Such is my life.

And I wouldn’t want it any other way.


* * * *

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