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Welcome back to The Kat House and the next chapter in the first book in my Bucket List series. Prowling Vegas chronicles my adventures in my favorite city on earth! Sin City is where I hook up with old friends and flames and a few new ones. Together we get to check off several items from my sexual fantasy list. If you’ve missed the previous posts, here are the links so you can catch up.

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Chapter 4

Prowling Vegas Cover McCarren International Airport

Las Vegas, Nevada


“Darryl!” I threw my arms around the big burly limo driver and kissed him soundly.

He chuckled and swung me around easily. I swear the man never looked a day over forty with a body that rivaled any of the young studs in my employ. “It’s been too long, Kat. About damn time you made it back to our city.”

I hugged him tight and whispered in his ear. “Been dreaming about our last night together. Better be sure to clear your dance card. I’m going to want to steal you away from Steve for a night or two.”

He smiled and a hint of a blush formed on his deeply tanned cheeks. “Anything you want. You know I’d never turn down a chance to spend time with you. Now let’s get your bags and head over to your home away from home. Once you’re all settled in, you figure out when I can take you out on the town. Just like the old days.”

“Steve fill you in on why I’m here?” My pussy wept at the sound of the deep timbre of his voice. The last time we were together I couldn’t walk for a week. He looked all prim and proper in that limo driver uniform, but the cock he hid in there rivaled anything I’d ever experienced. Hell, Deacon could learn a thing or two from Darryl. Now that I’ve seen him, I know I made the right choice of starting off here in Vegas. If I play my cards right, I just might be able to convince him to travel a bit with me and experience a few things on his own Bucket List.

His grinned widened. “That he did and he’s invited all the old gang and some new friends you haven’t the pleasure of meeting yet. All of them can’t wait to help you start checking off items on that fantasy list of yours.”

“Including you?” I leaned against the side of the car and crossed my arms over my chest.

“If I had my way, I’d keep you all to myself. Of course that would be selfish of me. Our Kat isn’t one to be held down. She has to be allowed to run free.”

I rubbed my chest along his bulging bicep as I handed him my carry-on bag. “If you’re the one doing the holding…”

He lifted my chin so my eyes met his. “It’s not nice to tease an old man.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”

“When are you expecting Steve and Katie this morning?” He whispered in my ear and then nipped my neck.

The innocent question coupled with the touch of his lips on my skin sent shivers up and down my spine. God I wanted this man with every fiber of my being! “Not for a couple of hours. He claims he has an early meeting. My guess is he wants a little more time with alone with his new love.”

“Good. We have plenty of time. Let’s get you settled in the back and we’ll be on our way.”

“Why can’t I ride up front with you, like always?” I struggled to keep from pouting.

“He shook his head and kissed me softly. “Not this time, kitten. I want this to be a surprise. Steve’s not the only one who wants to spend more alone time with the one who holds his heart.”

My knees damn near buckled at the sound of his pet name for me. With that one word, my body clicked into submissive mode. No matter how long we’re apart, the moment we’re together again I turn to putty—very willing to be molded into whatever and whoever Master Darryl wished me to be.

He placed his hand at the small of my back and guided me around to the passenger door. He opened it with a flourish that sent me into a fit of giggles. He took my hand and helped me settle in and then handed me a mimosa. “Sit back and enjoy the scenery. A lot has changed since you visited last, but a few things have remained the same.”

Sexy business lady wearing red braI nodded and sat back into the soft suede covered seat. I kicked my shoes off and wiggled my toes in the plush carpet. Nothing was too good for Steve’s guests. Darryl ran the stable of drivers for the MGM group of hotels like a drill sergeant. Understandable since he’d been a Marine for twenty years before settling down in Vegas to raise his family. Unfortunately, his wife had other ideas. The moment he signed his retirement papers, she hit the door and never looked back, leaving him with three kids to raise on his own.

He’d answered an ad in the paper for experienced drivers who could double as a body guards. His military background had been the perfect match for what Steve had in mind. Darryl had been with him from the very beginning, through two failed marriages, a whirlwind love affair with a woman who got him to open his heart again. Now that one is married to another man and with Steve’s blessing and he’s fallen head over heels for another firecracker.

Through it all, Darryl has been a witness and at times an eager participant in everything the Vegas tycoon had been involved in. That included introducing Steve to the world of BDSM. It had been at a private party held at one of the more famous ranches outside of the city limits. I was invited with about a dozen other porn stars and mainstream actors in the lifestyle. This had been the first and only time I’d been able to give myself over completely to a Dom and feel safe. No one before or since has ever come close.

Master Darryl and I introduced Steve to the lifestyle and as they say the rest is history. It was the start of a friendship that means more to me than my entire empire. Without them and Marcus in my life, I can honestly say it wouldn’t be worth living. I haven’t been able to return to Sin City as often as I’d liked over the last couple years, but each time we get together it’s as if the world slips away and we’re back in the dungeon all those years ago playing out our scene.

I smiled at the memories of all we’ve been through together and sipped my drink. The scenery changed from the strip, to the outer city limits to a place I remembered well. He didn’t have to tell me where we were headed. Our place. He’d purchased five acres of prime real estate with plans of building his dream home where he’d raise his kids and then grandkids when they came along. I’d been too wild and free back then and couldn’t dream of being tied down like that. He knew me better than I’d known myself and never asked. He’d simply shown me the spot and then fucked me senseless as the sun came up over the mountains.

Here we were again.

Our place.

I hiked my skirt up, snapped off my thong and tossed it on the floor. I wanted nothing to be in the way if he intended on reliving a moment from our past. The view from the windows took my breath away. No other homes had been developed close to his property. Real estate is a hot commodity in Nevada. He had to pay a pretty penny to ensure his privacy. As the car approached the gait, it opened up to reveal the start of a winding driveway lined on either side by palm trees and desert friendly shrubbery.


The car came to a stop in front of a small clearing. It appeared to be marked off with colored tape and wooden stakes. I smiled at the site before me. He’d finally decided to break ground, right on the spot where we’d christened it.

The door opened and he held his hand out to me. “Come on. We don’t want to miss the sunrise.”

I held his gaze as he cupped my face with both of his hands. His lips brushed mine twice before his tongue darted between my lips. I leaned into him and wrapped my arms around his waist. I held onto him as if my life depended on it. In that moment it did.

He broke our kiss and turned me toward the site of what would be his dream house. “When Steve told me about your plans to visit after all this time, I asked my contractor to prepare to break ground while you were here. I wanted you to see it one last time this way before it changed forever.”

shutterstock_13916863The sun rose up over the mountain and cast its warm rays over the clearing. “This is how I’ll always see it, no matter what you build here.”

He turned me toward him and backed me against the hood of the limo. “That’s what I’d hoped you say.”

I unbuckled his pants and freed his cock. The weight of it in my hands brought back even more memories of our times together. “I’ve been away for far too long. I’ve missed you, Master.”

“Is that so? Then you’ll know exactly what to do to prove it.”

I nodded and began to drop to my knees until he caught me.

He shook his head. “Time for that later.” He lifted me up and sat me down on top of the hood of the limo and then eased me back. He hooked my thighs over his bulging forearms and spread me wide. He pushed my knees up as his cock entered my dripping pussy.

I arched my back as he filled me completely and then began the slow steady rhythm I’d dreamt about and tried to mimic in all of my movies. The car bounced with each thrust, harder and harder, faster and faster.

“Kat…my Kat.” He moaned and pounded me harder, claiming me as his once again.

I screamed as my orgasm ripped through my body. Lucky for me no one was around to hear and I could be as loud as I wanted to be. With Darryl I didn’t have to hold back. I never wanted to and today was no exception.

Before I came down from the first high, he pulled out of me and lifted me up from the hood. He stood me on my feet and then spun me around. He pushed me over so my tits flattened against the warm metal. He kicked my legs apart and then buried his dick in my cunt again. “Mmmm. You feel so fucking good.”

My nipples tightened as the lace of my bra dug into them. I pushed my back against his chest in order to relieve the pain and still enjoy every moment.

He seemed to sense what I was trying to do and grabbed my tits in his hands. He pinched and twisted each nipple in turn, giving me the perfect combination of pleasure and pain to bring on another orgasm.

My thighs trembled. My knees buckled and still he fucked me. I turned my head and kissed him as he exploded inside me.

We held each other until our breathing normalized and the sun had risen above the tallest peak. Nothing else mattered.

Just how I liked it.

“Welcome home, Kat.”



* * * *

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