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Hello my friends!

I’ve received some marvelous feedback from readers on the first six chapters from Prowling Vegas featured here on The Kat House. I’ve used the critiques and atta girls to help rewrite a few things to make the scenes flow easier. As such, the next chapters are still in progress. Living it is one thing. Telling other people about it is a whole other ball of wax. I can picture everything as if it happened yesterday but bringing what’s in my head to paper so you see what I see and experience all I’ve experienced has been a little challenging. I’m not saying it hasn’t been fun putting all of my experiences down on paper for all to read. It’s been amazing and has encouraged me to share all of my story in this series and maybe more.

A few new fans have asked me if I’m a real person. The answer I give them is the truth. I’m one of the alter egos of poet and author Tammy Dennings Maggy. She created me as the personification of one of her personalities. The stories you’ll read in the Bucket List series are my tales to tell. They’ve been secrets and fantasies of Tammy’s for years and through me she can share them with the world. I’m the pen name who is wild and free and living the fantasies we all have but are afraid to admit to anyone. This is why Prowling Vegas and the rest of the series is called a fictionalized memoir. I wanted to clear that up once again to avoid any confusion and prevent any misunderstandings.

Now that we have the clarification out of the way…

I invite all of you who haven’t read the free chapters I have up on the blog, to please check them out and let me know what you think so far. Within the next couple weeks I’ll post the next chapters. I’ve decided to stop at Chapter 8 for the free read here. The remainder of the story and all future books in this series will be available on all major ebook and print retailers. When I have the official release date from Sassy Vixen Publishing, I’ll announce it here.

Thank you all for your continued support, I’ve had a wonderful ride so far!



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Prowling Vegas Cover

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Love and Lust in Sin City #ProwlingVegas #free read

Hello my lovelies! After the last chapter, I’m sure you’re looking for more. Here we are again hinting at things to come in Sin City with my long time lover, Darryl, friend Steve and some new friends. This week I’m a little melancholy and unsure about continuing on the Bucket List journey…

Join me.

For those of you who are behind. You can catch up by clicking the links below for the previous installments.

Chapter 1 and 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5


Prowling Vegas CoverHe held me close as the last notes of my favorite Taylor Dane song played over the limo speakers. Memories of our time together flooded back. Slow dancing here on this very spot we’d planned our life together, although I didn’t realize it then. He’d posed it as a game we called What If. With each question we confessed our dreams to each other if we lived in a perfect world. Back then, in his arms, was my perfect world.

And then I threw it all away.

He pulled his head from mine and touched my cheek. “There will be none of that, kitten. No regrets. Our lives are exactly where they’re supposed to be at this point in time.”

I leaned into his hand. “I didn’t realize until the moment I saw you at the airport, how much I’ve missed you and our town. I don’t know if I can leave here in two weeks without you. What do you say? Will you join me on my quest?”

He kissed my forehead, my nose and then my lips with such tenderness it brought tears to my eyes. He didn’t have to say a word. I had my answer.

“Once again we’re traveling in different directions.”

“No. We’re both going in the same direction, just parallel paths. Right now they’ve crossed. We can either enjoy it while we can, or keep up the what ifs.” He draped his arm around my waist and guided me back to the limo, this time to the front seat.

“You really believe that or are you letting me down easy.”

He brought my hand to his lips and then smiled. “Letting you down is never easy. That’s why I refuse to say goodbye to you whenever you have to go. I know you’ll always come back to me. We’re connected, you and I.”

I placed my hand over his heart and he placed his over mine. “Heart and soul.”

“Always and forever.”

I adjusted my seat belt and my skirt and watched Darryl walk around to his side of the car. My clit pulsed and throbbed with an ache only he could satisfy. Knowing that fact had me second guessing my decision to do the Bucket List tour now, or ever. I could stay here with him and our friends and be happier than I’ve been in a hell of a long time—until the restlessness came back.

And it would. It always did.

He handed me my bag and then started up the car. “I’ve been selfish long enough. It’s time I get you over to the Cosmopolitan. Your suite of rooms has been ready for you since yesterday. Everything is as you requested.”

I rifled through my bag until I my fingers brushed over my sunglasses. The sun had risen high enough to cast its light over the city. The glare from the buildings could be unbearable without my Ray Bans. With them securely in place, I watched The Strip come alive. At this time of the morning, you would think there wouldn’t be so many people out and about. This is when the true magic of Vegas can be found. At night all you can see are the flashing lights beckoning the tourists to enter the casinos and try their luck. In the early morning is when you can see the heart of the town…the residents and the workers wiping away the last of the party trash and polishing everything until it shined.

I rolled down the window and inhaled deeply. Later tonight the scents would be a mixture of booze, sex, and taxi cab exhaust. Now was the only time the desert air carried the fresh scent of new beginnings. At any given moment that all would change, but for me it had always been the same.

Darryl brought the limo around to the VIP entrance and turned off the engine. “You have my number?”

I pulled my glasses down and stared at him. “Seriously?”

He shrugged. “It’s been a hell of a long time. People get new phones, delete contacts by accident or on purpose..”

I slid over the seat and onto his lap. I kissed him hard. “Your number is always with me. If you’ll not come with me when I leave Vegas at the end of the month, then promise me we’ll have our time alone, just you and me. Like the old days.”

cosmo entryHe nodded. “I promise. Now get back on your side of the car before the bell hop pisses his pants waiting to open the door for you.”

I threw my head back and laughed. I hadn’t laughed that hard in ages, but did as he asked. The poor kid did look like he’d wet his pants if I took any longer so I decided to put him out of his misery. I smiled at him through the open window. “Go ahead, sweetheart. I won’t bite…unless you want me to and ask nicely.”

I stepped out onto the curb and then kissed his cheek.

He blushed from head to toe in an instant. “Welcome to the Cosmopolitan, Ms. Seyes. Go ahead and check in. I’ll be sure to get your bags up to your rooms, personally.”

“Thank you, honey. Can you tell me if Mr. Eischer has arrived yet?”

He shook his head. “We’d expected him within the hour but he called to say he’d be at least another before he would make here.” His eyes darted from my face to my legs and then settled on my chest. He licked his lips and then dared to look me in the eyes.

I slipped a hondo into the pocket at his breast and whispered in his ear. “There’s more where that came from if you play your cards right.”

Darryl chuckled. “Watch out for this one, Brian. She’s a wild one!”

The bell hop smiled. “I got this one, Darryl.”

“See that you do. We wouldn’t want Mr. Eischer to hear his special guest is unhappy now would we?”

He shook his head. “No we wouldn’t. I’ll take care of everything while you check in, Ms. Seyes. You can count on me.”

I turned and blew a kiss to Darryl and made my way through the doors and into the magnificent lobby. The pillars in front of me displayed moving three dimensional images of nudes in silhouette. I gazed in wonder at the beauty before me. Every inch of the space had been designed to enthrall and seduce all who stepped through the doors. I was no exception.

Fucking gorgeous.

I made a mental note to ask Steve if I could be a part of the performance art shown on those pillars. My nipples hardened with the thought of thousands of man and women staring at my image like I stared at the ones playing now.

You wouldn’t think I’d be excited about being on display like that since that had been my job for years and it was the heart of my business now. This is different than porn. This was true erotic performance art and I wanted to be a part of it.

“Welcome back to the Cosmopolitan, Ms. Seyes.”

The voice brought me out of my daydreaming and back to reality. The beauty before me smiled and beckoned me to follow her to one of the reception desks. “It’s good to be back, Jeri. What a wonderful surprise to have you as my concierge.” I licked my lips and stifled a groan. Damn she looked fantastic in her curve hugging tailored suit but I remembered all too well how good she looked out of it.

“When Mr. Eischer informed us of your plans, I volunteered to be the one to make sure all of your needs are met. Whatever you wish for, it’s my job to make it happen.”

cosmo pillars“Anything I wish for?”

She nodded. “Yes. I’m at your disposal day or night.”

“Can this day get any better?” I smiled and signed the places she indicated on the tablet. Gone were the days when you had to sign on a paper ledger. Now it’s all computerized. Hell, there are sex dolls so life like, you don’t have to have another human fuck you. With these dolls, you could fuck yourself silly and keep coming back for more without fear your partner would turn you down or wear out.

Where’s the fun in that?

“The hunk Brian is in my suite with my bags now. What would you say to joining us in about an hour?”

Jeri bit her lower lip and then smiled. “As you wish.”

“Bring the toy chest with you.”

She shuddered and nodded. “It’s already in your bedroom. I thought you may want access to it as soon as you arrived.”

“That I do. One hour, Jer Bear. The door will be unlocked.”

I turned and made my way across the floor, my heels clicking along the highly polished floors to the private elevator that would take me to room 7078, the most exclusive penthouse in the resort—my home away from home and for the next two hours the first of menage a trois of my Vegas getaway.

I tapped out a message to Steve as the elevator sped to its destination. “Take your time, darlin. I’ve busted out the toys and a couple new playmates who will keep me entertained for the next couple hours. Let me know when you’re headed over so I can have breakfast ready and waiting. We have much to discuss. Come hungry!”

Seconds later her phone buzzed with his answer. “I’m always hungry when you’re in town. Don’t wear out the playmates on the first day!”



* * * *

Next week: Fun with Jeri and Brian

Prowling Vegas (Bucket List)

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Chapter 4: Kat Arrives in Sin City #ProwlingVegas #NSFW #erotica

Welcome back to The Kat House and the next chapter in the first book in my Bucket List series. Prowling Vegas chronicles my adventures in my favorite city on earth! Sin City is where I hook up with old friends and flames and a few new ones. Together we get to check off several items from my sexual fantasy list. If you’ve missed the previous posts, here are the links so you can catch up.

Chapter 1 and 2

Chapter 3

Now that you’ve all caught up, here is the next installment for your enjoyment!


Chapter 4

Prowling Vegas Cover McCarren International Airport

Las Vegas, Nevada


“Darryl!” I threw my arms around the big burly limo driver and kissed him soundly.

He chuckled and swung me around easily. I swear the man never looked a day over forty with a body that rivaled any of the young studs in my employ. “It’s been too long, Kat. About damn time you made it back to our city.”

I hugged him tight and whispered in his ear. “Been dreaming about our last night together. Better be sure to clear your dance card. I’m going to want to steal you away from Steve for a night or two.”

He smiled and a hint of a blush formed on his deeply tanned cheeks. “Anything you want. You know I’d never turn down a chance to spend time with you. Now let’s get your bags and head over to your home away from home. Once you’re all settled in, you figure out when I can take you out on the town. Just like the old days.”

“Steve fill you in on why I’m here?” My pussy wept at the sound of the deep timbre of his voice. The last time we were together I couldn’t walk for a week. He looked all prim and proper in that limo driver uniform, but the cock he hid in there rivaled anything I’d ever experienced. Hell, Deacon could learn a thing or two from Darryl. Now that I’ve seen him, I know I made the right choice of starting off here in Vegas. If I play my cards right, I just might be able to convince him to travel a bit with me and experience a few things on his own Bucket List.

His grinned widened. “That he did and he’s invited all the old gang and some new friends you haven’t the pleasure of meeting yet. All of them can’t wait to help you start checking off items on that fantasy list of yours.”

“Including you?” I leaned against the side of the car and crossed my arms over my chest.

“If I had my way, I’d keep you all to myself. Of course that would be selfish of me. Our Kat isn’t one to be held down. She has to be allowed to run free.”

I rubbed my chest along his bulging bicep as I handed him my carry-on bag. “If you’re the one doing the holding…”

He lifted my chin so my eyes met his. “It’s not nice to tease an old man.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”

“When are you expecting Steve and Katie this morning?” He whispered in my ear and then nipped my neck.

The innocent question coupled with the touch of his lips on my skin sent shivers up and down my spine. God I wanted this man with every fiber of my being! “Not for a couple of hours. He claims he has an early meeting. My guess is he wants a little more time with alone with his new love.”

“Good. We have plenty of time. Let’s get you settled in the back and we’ll be on our way.”

“Why can’t I ride up front with you, like always?” I struggled to keep from pouting.

“He shook his head and kissed me softly. “Not this time, kitten. I want this to be a surprise. Steve’s not the only one who wants to spend more alone time with the one who holds his heart.”

My knees damn near buckled at the sound of his pet name for me. With that one word, my body clicked into submissive mode. No matter how long we’re apart, the moment we’re together again I turn to putty—very willing to be molded into whatever and whoever Master Darryl wished me to be.

He placed his hand at the small of my back and guided me around to the passenger door. He opened it with a flourish that sent me into a fit of giggles. He took my hand and helped me settle in and then handed me a mimosa. “Sit back and enjoy the scenery. A lot has changed since you visited last, but a few things have remained the same.”

Sexy business lady wearing red braI nodded and sat back into the soft suede covered seat. I kicked my shoes off and wiggled my toes in the plush carpet. Nothing was too good for Steve’s guests. Darryl ran the stable of drivers for the MGM group of hotels like a drill sergeant. Understandable since he’d been a Marine for twenty years before settling down in Vegas to raise his family. Unfortunately, his wife had other ideas. The moment he signed his retirement papers, she hit the door and never looked back, leaving him with three kids to raise on his own.

He’d answered an ad in the paper for experienced drivers who could double as a body guards. His military background had been the perfect match for what Steve had in mind. Darryl had been with him from the very beginning, through two failed marriages, a whirlwind love affair with a woman who got him to open his heart again. Now that one is married to another man and with Steve’s blessing and he’s fallen head over heels for another firecracker.

Through it all, Darryl has been a witness and at times an eager participant in everything the Vegas tycoon had been involved in. That included introducing Steve to the world of BDSM. It had been at a private party held at one of the more famous ranches outside of the city limits. I was invited with about a dozen other porn stars and mainstream actors in the lifestyle. This had been the first and only time I’d been able to give myself over completely to a Dom and feel safe. No one before or since has ever come close.

Master Darryl and I introduced Steve to the lifestyle and as they say the rest is history. It was the start of a friendship that means more to me than my entire empire. Without them and Marcus in my life, I can honestly say it wouldn’t be worth living. I haven’t been able to return to Sin City as often as I’d liked over the last couple years, but each time we get together it’s as if the world slips away and we’re back in the dungeon all those years ago playing out our scene.

I smiled at the memories of all we’ve been through together and sipped my drink. The scenery changed from the strip, to the outer city limits to a place I remembered well. He didn’t have to tell me where we were headed. Our place. He’d purchased five acres of prime real estate with plans of building his dream home where he’d raise his kids and then grandkids when they came along. I’d been too wild and free back then and couldn’t dream of being tied down like that. He knew me better than I’d known myself and never asked. He’d simply shown me the spot and then fucked me senseless as the sun came up over the mountains.

Here we were again.

Our place.

I hiked my skirt up, snapped off my thong and tossed it on the floor. I wanted nothing to be in the way if he intended on reliving a moment from our past. The view from the windows took my breath away. No other homes had been developed close to his property. Real estate is a hot commodity in Nevada. He had to pay a pretty penny to ensure his privacy. As the car approached the gait, it opened up to reveal the start of a winding driveway lined on either side by palm trees and desert friendly shrubbery.


The car came to a stop in front of a small clearing. It appeared to be marked off with colored tape and wooden stakes. I smiled at the site before me. He’d finally decided to break ground, right on the spot where we’d christened it.

The door opened and he held his hand out to me. “Come on. We don’t want to miss the sunrise.”

I held his gaze as he cupped my face with both of his hands. His lips brushed mine twice before his tongue darted between my lips. I leaned into him and wrapped my arms around his waist. I held onto him as if my life depended on it. In that moment it did.

He broke our kiss and turned me toward the site of what would be his dream house. “When Steve told me about your plans to visit after all this time, I asked my contractor to prepare to break ground while you were here. I wanted you to see it one last time this way before it changed forever.”

shutterstock_13916863The sun rose up over the mountain and cast its warm rays over the clearing. “This is how I’ll always see it, no matter what you build here.”

He turned me toward him and backed me against the hood of the limo. “That’s what I’d hoped you say.”

I unbuckled his pants and freed his cock. The weight of it in my hands brought back even more memories of our times together. “I’ve been away for far too long. I’ve missed you, Master.”

“Is that so? Then you’ll know exactly what to do to prove it.”

I nodded and began to drop to my knees until he caught me.

He shook his head. “Time for that later.” He lifted me up and sat me down on top of the hood of the limo and then eased me back. He hooked my thighs over his bulging forearms and spread me wide. He pushed my knees up as his cock entered my dripping pussy.

I arched my back as he filled me completely and then began the slow steady rhythm I’d dreamt about and tried to mimic in all of my movies. The car bounced with each thrust, harder and harder, faster and faster.

“Kat…my Kat.” He moaned and pounded me harder, claiming me as his once again.

I screamed as my orgasm ripped through my body. Lucky for me no one was around to hear and I could be as loud as I wanted to be. With Darryl I didn’t have to hold back. I never wanted to and today was no exception.

Before I came down from the first high, he pulled out of me and lifted me up from the hood. He stood me on my feet and then spun me around. He pushed me over so my tits flattened against the warm metal. He kicked my legs apart and then buried his dick in my cunt again. “Mmmm. You feel so fucking good.”

My nipples tightened as the lace of my bra dug into them. I pushed my back against his chest in order to relieve the pain and still enjoy every moment.

He seemed to sense what I was trying to do and grabbed my tits in his hands. He pinched and twisted each nipple in turn, giving me the perfect combination of pleasure and pain to bring on another orgasm.

My thighs trembled. My knees buckled and still he fucked me. I turned my head and kissed him as he exploded inside me.

We held each other until our breathing normalized and the sun had risen above the tallest peak. Nothing else mattered.

Just how I liked it.

“Welcome home, Kat.”



* * * *

Come back next week for Chapter 5

Party in Vegas!

Prowling Vegas Cover


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Chapter 3 #ProwlingVegas is Now Live! #NSFW #erotica

Welcome back to The Kat House! It’s time for the next chapter in my debut novel Prowling Vegas. If this is your first time here and need to catch up, you can read the first two chapters HERE

All caught up? Great! Now dive into my next unexpected Bucket List fantasy…

Chapter 3

 Kat’s Beach House

Venice Beach, CA

 A shadow blocked the sun’s rays from darkening my skin. Of course, it’s the price I pay for choosing to have my favorite tanning spot in the middle of all the chaos that is Venice Beach. As soon as I’d pulled into the garage attached to my digs, the nosy neighborhood watch informed everyone far and wide. All I wanted to do was blend in with the other scantily clad beach bunnies and fry my skin to a golden brown. Apparently, this Shadow Man had other ideas.

Prowling Vegas Cover“Ma’am, I hope you’ve applied enough sun screen. The sun here can fry you to a crisp in less than an hour.”

I flipped my sunglasses down from the top of my head before I opened my eyes. I should’ve known. Damn lifeguards were known to hit on every honey hole in their path. I guess I should be flattered, but at the moment I was pissed. “Thank you for your concern, but I’ve got it covered. So if you don’t mind. You’re cutting into my limited sun time.”

He moved to my right and knelt next to my blanket. “I’m sorry Ms. Seyes, but looks like you’re not going to have the beach to yourself much longer. There’s a shit ton of paparazzi headed this way.”

“Let them come. I have nothing to hide. This is a public beach isn’t it?” I didn’t bother to look at his face for an answer. The bulge in his swim trunks told me all I needed to know. He wanted one on one time with me and used the impending paparazzi assault as an excuse to come to my rescue. I’m sure he didn’t count on my indifferent attitude.

“The beach is open to the public, but it’s my job to make sure everyone is safe. The easiest thing to do in this situation is get you out of sight.”

And there it is.

I laughed. “Took you long enough.”

He smiled and helped me up from the blanket. “I’m off duty and headed to the tower to meet up with my partner. You’re welcome to join us until we can find a way to get you back to your house and out of the spotlight.”

I took in all of the tanned body before me and licked my lips. If his partner was built anything like him, my pussy was in for one hell of a ride. Judging from wetness between my thighs, my cunt wanted to test out the theory. “So I’m supposed to hide out in the lifeguard tower with the two of you until the coast is clear?

He shrugged. “I’m sure we can find something to do to pass the time.”

I traced my fingertips over his ripped abs. “I don’t doubt that for one minute, cowboy. Only thing is the games you want to play aren’t exactly the quiet kind. How do you propose we stay hidden and fulfill those fantasies running through your head?”

“I’m up for the challenge if you are.” He took my bag and blanket from me and captured my hand into his. He brought my fingers to his lips and kissed them. His eyes appeared to sparkle with mischief.

The air left my lungs and ended up as a slow purr. I wanted this stud right there on the beach. I didn’t care if we were surrounded by tourists and reporters with cameras popping. I wanted to ride him until both of us passed out from pleasure and exhaustion. So much for a weekend of quiet and relaxation. I should have known my libido wouldn’t let me enjoy my attempt at blending in with the other ocean lovers.

As we approached the white, two story structure I noticed it had already been shut up for the day and the third of our impending ménage stood at the top of the ramp. Yep. Definitely in for a wild time with these two. This one’s mahogany skin glistened with tanning oil and water droplets. He appeared to have just hopped off a surf board ready to take on another wave.

Lucky me.

Two young fans in passionate embraces.Damn good thing I always come prepared. Lube and condoms are always with me wherever I go. That may sound slutty to those goody two shoes out there, but in this day and age no one should leave their health in the hands of anyone else. Besides, you never know when opportunities such as this dump in your lap.

“So are you going to keep me in the dark or do I refer to you as Thing One and Thing Two?”

Yummy morsel number one tossed my bag and blanket up to his buddy and then tossed me over his shoulder in a perfectly executed fireman’s carry. “I’m Jason and my cousin here is Malaki but we all call him Junior.”

I squeezed his taut ass through his trunks and smiled. “Let me guess. You’re both Samoan.”

Junior laughed. “Ever been with an Islander?”

Jason sat me back on my feet between them. Both were tall and towered over me. Impressive warriors they’d make in my films but that conversation would be for another day. Time to stake my claim on these two now before the cum ran down my thighs and made a sticky mess. Not that I minded being covered in my own juices, I’d much rather have my legs wrapped around one of these hunks when it happened.

I gripped both of their rock hard cocks in my hands and squeezed. “I have lovers all around the world but there’s nothing like being taken by a Samoan. Thanks to your cousin, looks like I get double the fun. Are we going inside, or are you going to fuck me in front of an audience?”

Junior’s smiled lit up his face. He tilted his head toward the open door. “After you.”

I picked up my things and glided over his hard body. His arms wrapped around me and lifted me off my feet to bring my eyes level with his. He smelled of salt and coconut oil and I wanted to lick every inch of him.

So much for keeping my thighs dry.

Jason grabbed the walkie talkie on the railing. “Tower four is out of service for the next hour. We’re off for our dinner break.”

“Roger. Towers Two and Three will cover your area until you check back in.”

Junior’s lips devoured mine as soon as Jason locked the door behind us and took things from my hands.

I ran my fingers through Junior’s hair and wrapped my legs around his waist. My tongue danced with his, twirling and swirling, fighting for control.

Jason’s fingers traced over my lower back and then tugged at the ties of my bikini. The thin material fell away as he coaxed my legs down until I stood between them. My tits flattened against Junior’s chest. I ground my ass into Jason’s bulge in his shorts. I tilted my head back to break the kiss. “Time to get naked, boys.”

I slipped my fingers in the waist band of their shorts and then dropped to my knees. Both men pulled their tank tops over their heads. The movement caused their glorious cocks to thrust in my face. I gripped one in each hand and squeezed.

As if on cue, both dripped with pre-cum. My tongue darted out and swiped at first one then the other. I closed my eyes and moaned. Both tasted sweet and salty.

Just the way I like my cocks.

Young coupleI swirled my tongue around Jason’s dick and stroked Junior until they gasped. Then I switched. Back and forth between the two cousins, I lost myself. Jason’s thighs trembled and he clutched at my hair until I popped him out of my mouth one more time.

He pushed me back toward the floor and covered my body with his. He scooped my legs over his forearms and pushed them up and over his shoulders as the mushroom head of his cock pushed inside me. His hips moved forward and he slammed all the way inside of me. The force of his thrusts caused our bodies to slide across the floor.

Junior knelt and eased under my shoulders so my head rested in his lap. His hands cupped my breasts and then began kneading and squeezing them in time with his cousin’s thrusts. Few men had hands large enough to give my tits a workout let alone know what to do with the monsters, but I had nothing to worry about with this stud. He knew when to flip between twirling my nipples to rock hard stones and feathering my areolas until they puckered and darkened a deep rosy shade of pink.

I arched my back as the first orgasm rolled through my body. I bit my lip to stifle a scream. Jason’s cock stroked every inch of my pussy as it clenched and pulsed around it. Junior’s cock grew before my eyes to nearly double in length and width. I had to have him inside me.

Jason smiled at my expression and pulled out of me. “Junior has a reputation back home. Every girl swears off men after her fucks ‘em.”

I sat up and moved to settle my back against Jason’s. My gaze held Junior’s as he stroked his rod to full attention. “Is that true?”

His cheeks turned crimson and then he shrugged. “I’ve never been with a woman like you.”

“What do you mean? A woman like me?” My fingers snaked down my stomach and settled between my legs. My clit throbbed and demanded attention. I pinched it and then stroked and rubbed it until I squirted again. My juices shot out of me and hit Junior’s thighs. I smiled and beckoned him to take what he wanted. His long, thick tongue had already ravaged my mouth. I wanted to see what he could do with my cunt.

He crawled toward me and then licked his lips. “A woman who knows what she wants and not afraid to take it.” His head settled between my legs and then he inhaled. He groaned and dove in.

I cried out as he latched onto my clit. His lips sealed around it and then strummed it with the tip of his tongue. He thrust two fingers in my quivering pussy, feeling his way to the soft spongy spot so called experts claim doesn’t exist.

“Holy, mother fucking shit!” My eyes rolled back and my body shook. My thighs clenched his head in a vice-like grip. Instead of slowing down his assault, my reaction kicked it into high gear. He pushed my legs wide and tipped my hips up to gain access to my ass. He speared my tight hole over and over. As many times as I’ve had anal, I was prepared for a cold lubed finger to tease and stretch my inner ring, but Junior surprised me with a cinnamon flavored warming lube that took my breath away.

Jason nipped at my neck and ear lobes. “Once that ass of yours is ready, I’m going to fuck you until you scream. But first my cousin gets to feel that magic pussy of yours.”

Junior’s eyes never left mine as he eased away from me and onto his back. He wrapped his hands around his monster cock and squeezed. Precum dribbled from the tip once more.

I licked my lips and crawled over his legs, tasting his dark salty skin until I reached my prize. I lapped at the tip of his cock until he groaned then slid up to position my pussy so I could take him in.

Hands circled my waist from behind and lifted me up so my opening hovered inches above Junior’s cock. I whimpered. I wanted to ride him, feel him stretch me to accommodate his girth. My cunt throbbed and ached with need. I reached down and swiped his cock through my lips to coat him with my juices then bent my knees to ease down until my ass sat on his thighs.

I swooned and fell forward to rest my hands on his broad chest.

Sexy woman playing with macho mans absJason’s hands moved down to my ass and kneaded each cheek. His fingers dipped into my ass. He stroked and teased until I was able to move against him on my own. Each time I slid up and down Junior’s cock, Jason’s fingers met me stroke for stroke. My mind blanked as my body took over and enjoyed wave after wave of pleasure cascading through it. This wasn’t my first rodeo with two lovers at once, but these two have reset the bar for future encounters.

Junior moaned and thrust into me, urging me to pick up the pace.

I smiled and then planted my feet on the floor. Years on the Stair Master made my legs powerful as well as sexy as hell. I leaned back and placed my hands on his thighs as I plunged faster and faster up and down his cock. In this position, Jason couldn’t access my ass, but he’d taken the hint and stood up next to me.

He stroked his cock to keep it rock hard and primed for the backdoor action he’d promised me only moments before.

“God, Kat I’m gonna blow if you keep that up.” Junior reached for me and pulled me toward his chest. He grabbed my ass and spread it wide.

Jason moved behind and slipped his condom sheathed dick into me. He’d coated the rubber with the cinnamon lube that intensified the initial burning sensation of his entry. That soon gave way to another orgasm. The heat enveloped my entire body. My skin flushed with exertion and from the ecstasy coursing through my veins. I knew it for a fact because my videographers always caught it on film. It’s what made my movies real to my fans. There was no faking that shit. Many have tried and failed.

Not me.

And definitely not with these two.

Junior grunted and then stiffened under me as Jason pounded the hell out of my ass. The sensation of being sandwiched between their rock hard bodies put me so far over the top I had to bury my face in Junior’s chest to stifle a scream.

That had been enough to send Jason over the edge with me. The three of us clung to each other until our breathing normalized and their cocks shrunk enough to slip out of me. That’s the part I always hated—the emptiness left behind after such an intense session. Of course, these two more than made up for it with their attention to giving me a memory of the beach I won’t soon forget!

While we helped each other find our bathing suits around the room, I had the chance to broach the subject of acting in adult films. “I know talent when I see it and both of you could have a fabulous future at The Kat House if you’re interested.”

Jason laughed. “Tempting offer, but I’ll have to pass. This with you was a fantasy come true for me. I’d never be able to top it.”

“What about you, big guy? Don’t tell me you’re going to keep that magic tongue of yours a secret.”

Junior smiled. “If I get to fuck women half as beautiful as you, then count me in.”

I grabbed my beach bag and fished out my card. “Call my assistant, Marcus. I only give out this number to people I want to represent. He’ll take it from there.” I handed him the card and then kissed him one last time.

I followed Jason out of there as Junior called in to headquarters to let them know their tower was back in service. “My offer is open ended. If you ever change your mind, give me a call.”

Prowling Vegas CoverHe held his arm out for me and then smiled. “Will do. How about I get you home before anyone else finds out you’re here?”

“Aww. I’d appreciate the escort. Usually I don’t mind being recognized, but the two of you wiped me out. All I want to do now is grab a quick bite to eat and curl up with a good book.”

“One of yours?” He held the door of his jeep open for me as I jumped into the passenger seat with all of my beach gear in tow.

“Nope. When I’m on a vacation, even if it’s only for a couple days, I stay away from my stuff and read my faves. Tonight I’m catching up on my George R. R. Martin. I’m finally on the last book.”

“Really? I didn’t take you for a fantasy sort of reader.”

“My tastes are all over the place. From horror, to fantasy, to romance—I love them all.” I smiled. I was used to surprising people. I wonder what he’d think of my college degrees. I nipped that thought in the bud. He and his cousin had been a wonderful distraction but I had to get my mind back on my upcoming trip to Vegas.

He made his way through the beach goers with ease and within minutes he had me at my door. “If you’re back this way…”

I leaned over and then kissed him. I inhaled and committed his scent to memory. Damn. What I wouldn’t give to have him join me for the first part of my tour. Instead I’ll have to settle for dreaming about him tonight. “You’ll be the first to know.”

I sashayed up my walkway knowing full well he watched my every move. Good. The memories of my ass will keep him up at night and it won’t be long before he calls. Marcus is going to kill me for letting another one fall in love with me.

Oh well. Such is my life.

And I wouldn’t want it any other way.


* * * *

Next week: Chapter Four

Vegas Baby!

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The Kat House Presents: #ProwlingVegas (The Bucket List) #erotic #NSFW

Welcome to The Kat House! I’m excited to bring to you the first two chapters of the first book in my Bucket List series. Prowling Vegas is the beginning of my fictionalized memoir detailing my journey to fulfill all of my secret—and not so secret sexual fantasies. I have all sorts of fun in and out of the bedroom with old friends, new friends and some mighty hot strangers! Before you read any further, I must warn you. This post and those that will follow featuring this series are NOT SAFE FOR WORK and for ADULTS ONLY!

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Now that’s out of the way…



Prowling Vegas Cover

Chapter 1

 Kat House Productions, Main Offices

Los Angeles, California

I circled the tall, heavily tattooed and pierced specimen before me. He had gathered his long, dirty blond colored hair at the nape of his neck and not in one of those frickin’ man buns I detest. He’d done his research about my tastes and it showed in his demeanor now and in the way he held my gaze during the introductions. Respectful and yet full of fire.

Just the way I liked them.

“I’ll leave you alone to discuss the position in more detail.” My assistant, Marcus winked as he closed the doors behind him.

This one was his special gift to me and I had no doubt Marcus gave him explicit instructions on what to do to please me. Time to see if he looked as yummy without the gift wrapping.

I snapped my fingers and the stud muffin stripped and dropped to his knees before me.

I nearly gasped as his cock sprang to life and appeared to dance before my eyes. Oh yes. I could do a lot with this one. He’d star in a movie or two, maybe even grace one of the covers of our books. My mouth watered and my pussy clenched at the thought of him slamming into me over and over again. He’d be the perfect ending to one hell of a stressful day of endless meetings for Kat House Productions. Our publishing division had been under another attack by yet another group of Holy Roller Mommy Bloggers claiming we were the downfall of the young generation of this country. They’d threatened to burn our books in public and several of them had trolled my authors online. I’d had enough and meant to put a stop to it once and for all.

closeup of sexy and confident business womanAfter giving them the floor for over two hours, I was finally allowed to speak. I’d sashayed across the stage in my curve hugging business suit and sky high red heels. I’d deliberately piled my long raven colored hair on top of my head and worn my thick rimmed glasses in order to confuse them. The sexy librarian look had always been my go to ensemble when confronting mobs expecting to see the former porn queen in all her glory. Little did they know that behind the thirty six triple Ds was a broad with a MBA from Stanford.  I may have earned a shit ton of money on my back, but I turned it all into an empire each and every one of them would kill to be a part of but would never admit to out loud.

I stared out at all those angry faces of parents ready to burn me at the stake for filling the minds of their kids with smut. I pulled my glasses down over my nose and scanned the audience for another thirty seconds of silence until I caught a few squirming in their seats. “Thank you for calling this Town Hall meeting. I’ve listened to each and every one of you share your stories of how your kids have been corrupted by the onslaught of porn and erotica on line, in movies and in books. I have two questions for you. Where the hell were you when your kids got their hands on material sold to adults? Where were you and your parental guidance to steer them away from images not meant for their eyes? It’s not my job to babysit your offspring. It’s not the job of my authors or the actors in my movies. You have the ability to take away the smart phones, prevent access to adult sites and programs on the Web. You can stop dropping your kids off at the movie theater and believe them when they say they won’t sneak into that new NC-17 movie everyone is raving about.”

I’d paused and scanned the crowd again. More of them squirmed in their seats, but the majority of them were frozen in stunned silence, their eyes wide with shock and their jaws on the floor.

That’s when I knew I had them right where I wanted them and drove my point home. No one, and sure as hell no self-righteous group of soccer moms was going to tell me how to run my multi-billion dollar business.

“You can ban and burn Kat House movies, books and adult toys all you want, but the fact remains each and every item is created by and for adults. If you want someone to blame for your children being exposed to adult content, look no further than your own backyards. I dare you to delve deep within yourselves and evaluate your own shortcomings as parents and guardians of our youth before you attack and blame others for leading them astray.”


Prowling Vegas CoverIf the microphone hadn’t been attached to the podium, I would’ve dropped it on the floor. I left the stage and the auditorium with my head held high. All eyes had been on me as my tits and ass bounced out the door. Marcus had given me two thumbs up and promised me the reward that knelt before me now.

I unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor. His eyes followed my legs up to rest on the Brazilian waxed cleft between my thighs. I leaned back against my desk and spread my legs wide for him to take it all in and then snapped my fingers again.

Like any good slave he went right to work. He flicked my clit with the tip of his tongue several times before he dipped into my slit and lapped at my hole. I wrapped his pony tail around my hand and pulled his head back from my pussy. He whimpered and licked his lips. Oh this one is most definitely a keeper. “Show me what you got, Deacon. Don’t hold anything back. If you can get me off without any direction from me, you have the job. If not, you still have a job but you won’t be able to have any of this ever again. Understand?”

“Yes, Mistress. I’ll do whatever it takes to be able to have you over and over again.”

“How often I allow it is up to you.” I placed my thighs on his shoulders and ground my cunt in his face.

He dove back in with gusto. His lips latched onto my clit and sucked hard. His fingers plunged into my sheath and feathered the walls.

Just how I like it.

I groaned and he sucked harder and fingered me faster.

Oh yes. This one was a keeper. I’ll have to give Marcus another raise for bringing him to me today. He’s turning into the most delicious piece of ass I’ve had in a hell of a long time.

Deacon slid up my body and tore open my blouse. My nipples tightened with the onslaught of the cold room air and my impending orgasm. I wrapped my arms and legs around him as he stood up and carried me toward the wall. The head of his cock knocked at my entrance and I nearly wept from the need to have him buried inside me.

He braced me against the wall next to my desk and spread me wide as he thrust into me.

The angle of penetration and the speed of his stroke took me through one orgasm after another until I couldn’t tell when one ended and another started. His full lips covered mine and our tongues battled for control. Our piercings clinked against each other with enough force I thought the bars would lock together. The telltale coppery taste of blood in my mouth brought me back to my senses and I ended the kiss.

“Couch, now.”

He carried me across the room and continued to move me up and down his gold studded cock. His ice blue eyes bore deep into mine. A hint of a smile formed on his now swollen lips and he appeared to be reveling in having me wrapped around him.

Get ready for a lesson you’ll never forget, big boy.

Sexy woman playing with macho mans absHe fell back onto the cushions. His hands moved up to my hips and I slapped them away and laughed. “It’s my turn now.”

I leaned forward and pinned his arms over his head. My tits swung over his mouth and he continued to assault my nipples with his tongue. I tilted my hips forward and back, raking over the studs and causing enough pain he gasped. I smiled as I sat up and placed my hands on his chest for balance as I found my rhythm. Faster and faster I rode the stallion beneath me until both of us exploded one last time.

I collapsed on top of him to catch my breath and relished the feeling of his cock twitching inside me. I sat up enough to look at his face but not untangle from him yet. He was indeed a beast of a man and I had the perfect role in mind for him. He’d go far in this business and I was going to be the one to make it all happen.

“I’d say you’re interview went well.”

He laughed. “So will I be able to have time with you again, or is this your way of giving me the boot?”

I rubbed his stubbly chin with my fingertips. “Darlin’ I’m going to have you so busy fucking Kat House stars you won’t have the energy for me again.”

His dick twitched and a wave of desire whipped through me.

This could get complicated.

He smiled and shrugged. “I’m game if you are. You’re one of the hottest women I’ve ever met and I can’t get enough of you.”

“Relax, Deacon. You don’t have to lay on the flattery now. I know damn well you grew up slapping your sausage to my movies. You’ve just fulfilled one of your horny teen fantasies.”

“I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t true—but damn, Kat. Fucking you in person is so much more than I ever dreamed it could be.”

I sat up and pulled him up with me. “I don’t do strings.”

“I’m not asking for any.”

“Then what are you asking for here? Marcus went over the contract with you in great detail. You won’t get any other perks if you’re screwing the CEO.”

“Fair enough but why not enjoy each other while we can?” He cupped my ass with his hands and squeezed.

This time I didn’t slap his hands away. For once I wanted to lose myself in a lover and forget about the world for a little while longer. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be—at least not now. I let him rock me against him and bring out another slow rolling wave of ecstasy. I knew how this would end if I let it go on longer than today. He’d fall hard for me and demand exclusivity.

Can’t go down that road again. Too much at stake to risk it on something as fleeting as love. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not an Ice Queen. Like most people on this planet, I would love to find the happily ever after with the one who completes me heart and soul, but my life is way too complicated to get close with someone and expect them to have to deal with the long hours I put in every single day. Those long days and nights alone would be bad enough to experience as a couple, but top it off with the fact I make my money filming people having sex, writing about sex and selling toys to help others enjoy sex. Any sane person would run away from me screaming. Very few stuck around with me through it all and we’re not compatible that way…at least not for more than a few booty calls to help scratch the itch as they say.

I have some fabulous friends with benefits but time spent with them has been too few and far between. All of us are busy with our own lives and haven’t made the time to spend with each other to see if anything would develop. Workaholics don’t make for good life partners. I need someone who accepts me as I am and someone I’d be willing to give all of this up without them ever having to ask.

So far no one fits the bill except Marcus and that’s because we are one and the same. If he’d ever want to explore his bisexual side he knows I’ll be right there with bells on. Thing is, as much as we love each other, we would never take that step. We’re too scared to fuck with the good thing we have now.

Plus I’d lose the best damn assistant in the world. Who wants to deal with that shit?


* * * *


Chapter 2


Prowling Vegas CoverThe warm water cascaded down over my body and washed away all traces of the three hours I’d spent losing myself in Deacon. By the end of it, I’d convinced myself he would be a fun distraction from time to time, but not more than that. My plate was filled to overflowing as it was and I had very little time to devote to a new boy toy or anything more. He’d taken it much better than I’d imagined. He’d smiled and seemed to be okay with that arrangement. At least he hadn’t tried to change my mind. I had to give him credit for that and told him he scored more points with me because of it. He’d smiled and nearly brought me to my knees again. His charisma was off the charts. He’d definitely be an asset for the company.

I’d sent him on his way with a copy of the contracts for him to go over with his agent, a lawyer, or both. He’d protested and had wanted to sign right there on the spot but I wouldn’t have any of it. The first lesson he had to master, if he wanted to get anywhere in the adult entertainment industry, was to always cover your ass even if you think it’s a no brainer. While I knew he would never get a better deal anywhere else, I wanted an outsider to go over the details with him to drive the point home. Of course, if his people try to change things up and grab more money for him now, I’ll cut him loose. I’m always up to renegotiate once an actor or author has proven their worth to the company, to me and to themselves. When they start asking for advances and salaries higher than my top talent based on what they think they can deliver, red flags go up for me in spades.

You don’t get where I am without being around the block a few times. I’ve been screwed by the best of them in this business since the ripe old age of sixteen. You bet your sweet ass I lied about my age with the first dickhead who promised me fame and fortune. I was far from a virgin then, but my baby doll, innocent school girl looks were a hot commodity and everyone paid top dollar to fill one or all of my holes. Of course I never saw two thirds of the money I made for my first manager and producer. However, with the dough they did pay me, I was living large and without a care in the world for well over two years.

Until I got knocked up.

There was no way in hell I was going to be saddled with a snot nosed brat while I fucked every Tom, Dick and Harry in the porn scene in LA. I’d asked around and had been directed to what was supposed to be a very discreet doctor’s office. It seemed legit since it was the same name that came up with all the girls I’d been working with at the time.

The place had been hidden away in a ritzy titzy area on the other side of town from where we’d been shooting. I can’t remember the name of the flick we were working on, but it was one of three movies I’d been contracted to star in that month. They were all filmed on the same set so sue me if my memory is foggy now. It’s not like any of them were up for an Oscar, but they did help me get nominated for AVN Best Actress. Adult Video News is our Academy Awards for those of you who don’t know such things. I have a room full of them now for acting, directing and producing. It’s fun to drag them out from time to time to show off to the new talent.

Back to the doctor’s office and my unwanted pregnancy.

I’d gone in there without any makeup with my hair up in a messy bun on top of my head. Even dressed in a sweatshirt and jeans, I turned heads and managed to piss off every woman in the joint. So much for girl power. I got up the nerve to check in with the woman at the front desk and filled out all my personal information on their admission forms. I turned it in and before I could open up one of the magazines on the table in front of my chair, I was called back up front and informed of their fees and asked how I intended to pay.

I stared at the bleached blonde and didn’t know what to say at first. She pointed to the note she’d attached to the clip board with my forms. “Since you’re a new client, we’ll need you to pay for the office call before you see the doctor.”

The note spelled out exactly what the doctor expected from chicks like me. Of course his fucking receptionist wanted cash up front before I was given the nod and taken to one of the rooms in the back. He’d examined me, confirmed what I’d already known and told me he could end the pregnancy right then and there.

No trying to talk me out of it or laying one of those uber religious guilt trips on me either. He’d simply stared and waited for me to tell him what I wanted to do. He had looked bored and tired and really couldn’t care less one way or the other. I didn’t want to be there any longer than I had to be and sure as hell had no intention of ever sitting in those stirrups again.

My head nodded to give him the go ahead even though my gut told me to get the fuck out of there. I should have listened to that little voice. If I had, I might’ve been able to have kids of my own when I was ready. Instead, I’d let this quack to his thing. He botched up the procedure and I had to be rushed to the hospital for an emergency hysterectomy. I received several units of 0 negative to replace what I had bled out onto his white tiled floor. The police arrested him and his bitchy receptionist the next day. I’d been shocked to learn he’d continued on with his schedule butchering frightened women as if nearly killing me the afternoon before had been just another day at the office.

The studio had picked up the tab for my medical bills and helped me find a new manager. I’d made them a hell of a lot of money and they didn’t want to lose me to a rival production company, so they’d bent over backwards to ensure I had plenty of time to recover and come back whenever I was ready and cleared by my new doctors.

You’d think that the abortion fiasco would have sent me running from it all, but it made me fight harder to get what I wanted—not just for me, but for all of us in the industry. Because of me and many others, full medical and dental coverage became standard in all contracts. Mandatory drug and AIDS testing became the norm across the country. No one had to die of a preventable disease or botched surgery at the hands of fucking quacks ever again.

The dayProwling Vegas Cover I took control of my career in that hospital bed, was the day I formed Kat House Productions. Over the next five years, I’d secured the rights to all of my old movies so no one could use any scene or still photo without my permission and paying me for the privilege. Did I piss people off? Damn straight. Did I give a fuck? Nope. If they wanted to use any part of my body including my voice, they had to pay the price or find another actress gullible enough to give them what they wanted for free. I continued to work with the studio who stood by me during my darkest hours and together we took the adult entertainment world by storm.

As my reputation grew, more actors came to me and asked to join the House. I’d had the pleasure, and I do mean great, toe curling pleasure to work with them on other projects. I’d jumped at the chance to help take charge of their careers as I had done with mine.  Within a year we had three full production crews, a PR department, and a law firm with a dedicated team of lawyers and paralegals to handle all of our needs. We’ve more than doubled the staff in each department over the years and we’re looking to expand again.

With the advent of the e-book craze, we added publishing to our list of adult entertainment services. Little did anyone know, but I had written several best-selling erotic romance novels under another name. At the time, I’d wanted to venture out into new territory but didn’t want people to buy my books because I was Kat Seyes, Porn Star. I hired a couple editors and a cover artist and then uploaded the books to each vendor myself but under the newly formed Kat House Publishing division of my company.

Six months later, the first three books in the series were at the top of the USA Today and NY Times Best Sellers lists. Readers had devoured the books faster than I could crank them out. Sales continued to beat records set by another writer who had given vanilla readers a taste of the taboo. Twitter and Facebook had blown up with speculations on who was behind the mysterious author known as Cherry Devine. The mainstream media jumped on the bandwagon and before long, there had been more than a dozen imposters claiming to be the real Ms. Devine.

I’d been having a blast keeping everyone in the dark but it wasn’t meant to be. An actress I’d been hot and heavy with at the time, decided she would become the face of Cherry Devine and bolster her career in the process. She’d hacked into my laptop and stole a few files that had two rounds of edits for the last book I’d published, and the mockup of the cover for the one yet to be released.

Of course the press had believed it all and ran with the story without bothering to verify anything. Months of planning for the new release were now for naught. I had to come out with the truth all because I’d let my guard down with someone I’d trusted and had allowed into my inner circle. She’d done it all for the money and fame. In her twisted mind, she thought she’d be able to convince me this was a win-win for both of us. She’d have a career boost, and I’d be able to keep my secret. She’d assumed I’d be so grateful she’d take on this burden for me, that I’d bring her on as a salaried employee and she’d get a cut of the book earnings.

Fuck that shit.

Marcus had earned his first bonus handling this one for me. He’d set up a press conference where I walked out and presented a few of the rough drafts for the first book. My editors and cover artist had been there to back me up as well as my team of lawyers. I’d admitted the imposter had been my live-in partner and because of this abuse of trust, she’d been cut out of my life and fired from Kat House Productions.

As you can imagine, my ex hadn’t taken any of it lying down. She’d sued me for breach of contract and sexual harassment. My lawyers earned their hefty retainers and had everything thrown out of court within a week. Her only contract had been for one movie which she had been paid for handsomely, thus fulfilling any and all obligations on the part of the company. We’d started our living arrangement more than a year later. Apparently she’d been under the impression that sleeping in my bed meant she would be allowed to star in more movies. Her own lawyer told her she didn’t have a legal leg to stand on but that didn’t stop her from trying to defame me and the company. She filed lawsuit after lawsuit with the courts in five other states trying to keep her name in the papers. The last judge had seen enough and told her if she filed another suit anywhere, he’d see to it personally she was locked behind bars for abusing the system.

The whole fiasco had been the last time I’d allowed anyone that close to me ever again—except Marcus. He knows me better than I know myself. He’s my best friend and confidant and if he wasn’t gay, I’d be all over him in a heartbeat. Maybe that’s why our relationship works so well? We can be ourselves with each other without fear of it ever getting weird. It may look odd to outsiders, but for us it works.

I walked out of the private bathroom attached to my office to find him leaning against my desk holding up one of my favorite maxi dresses. “Well, did Deacon rock your world or are you going to make me watch how he does during filming?”

I laughed, took the dress from him and slipped it over my head. He’d seen me naked on far too many occasions to even bat an eye that I’d be running around the office in my birthday suit. “You were right. The man can fuck like nobody’s business. How long did you prep him?”

He shrugged and handed me my shoes. “I told him very little actually. I wanted to see if he could win you over on his own. He said he’d been a fan of yours for years. I hear that at least twenty times a day screening your calls, but something about him and the way he said it, made me believe him. Plus I wanted you to have some fun after the shit you’ve had to deal with lately. I’m tired of having to deal with the bullshit.”

I sat down at my desk and packed up my messenger bag with my essentials to work from home. “You and me both.”

He stood and crossed his arms over his chest. “Spill, woman!”

“Deacon will be a Kat House Stud within the week.”


I smiled and laced my arm through his as we walked out of the office together. “And he will be my guilty pleasure for at least a little while longer. He’s got something I need now and that cock of his fits just right.”

Marcus fans himself and chuckled. “Now that’s what I’m talking about. Do you think he’d consider jumping over on my team?”

“What makes you think he’s not already on your team? Just because he knows how to stroke a pussy, doesn’t mean he can’t turn you into a quivering puddle of jelly.”

“Promises. Promises.”

“Have I ever steered you wrong?” I stopped him at the elevated and held his gaze.

His eyes widened. “Never.”

“Well then don’t be surprised if he just so happens to show up on Monday with the signed contracts and asks you out on a date to show his appreciation for getting him the interview.”

“You know I don’t believe in work place romances even if they’re only one night stands.” He opened the limo door and then slid in after me. “It would be too complicated.”

“That’s true if it were anyone else but you. I’m going to be gone for the next month and I trust you to keep things running as if I’m here but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some R and R yourself. All I’m saying is if Deacon wants to show you a good time, then you damn well better take him up on it. Life’s too short and it’s time both of us grab whatever pleasure we can and enjoy every single moment of it.”

“Is that why you’re taking these trips? To explore things you let go all these years?”

Prowling Vegas CoverI smiled. “Damn straight. I’ve been working on my list for longer than I care to remember. Funny how others assume since I’ve done the porn thing, I couldn’t possibly have any other sexual fantasies left to fulfill.”

“Honey, you don’t have to explain yourself to me. Everyone has a Bucket List. Why should you be any different?”

I sighed. The man gets me like no other. “So how about you join me next weekend and help me kick off my journey in Vegas?”

He laughed. “As if you’d take no for an answer.”

“You’re right. I won’t.” I handed him a large manila envelop. “Here’s your itinerary with everything you’ll need to get your ass to the Cosmopolitan. I promise this will be a trip you’ll never forget!”

He grabbed my hand and brought my fingertips to his lips. “It’s good to see your eyes light up again. I’ll be there with bells on. Vegas won’t know what hit them!”

I pulled him too me into our usual bear hug. “I don’t know what I’d do without you in my life, Marky Mark. Thank you for sticking by me through everything.”

He held on tight and whispered in my ear. “I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, Baby Girl. You’re family and I’d give my life for you. No questions asked.”

I rested my forehead against his and smiled. “Ditto.”

The limo pulled up in front of my building and I gathered my crap from the floor. “I’ll work on these tonight and messenger them over before I head out for the beach house tomorrow. I need to clear my head before taking on Vegas.”

He waived me off. “You know what they say. All work and no play…”

“Makes for a very frustrated and horny, Kat. Don’t worry. I’m ditching all things work related as soon as I’m walking in the sand. Of course that doesn’t mean I won’t keep up with my journals. What good is a bucket list if I don’t record the events to relive over and over again?”

He kissed me and shoved my ass out the door. “Go on now. The sooner you get upstairs to the fancy penthouse of yours, the sooner you can get started on your tour of sex and debauchery.”

“Hmmm. I like that. Kat’s Sex and Debauchery Tour coming to a city near you.”

I watched as the limo pulled out into traffic to take Marcus home. He lived a few blocks over from The Kat House, and yet he always insisted he escort me home first. It’s his way of making sure I actually leave. If I’d had my way, I’d still be living in the office…hence the private bathroom, fully stocked kitchen and bedroom. The last time I protested and attempted to pull an all-nighter, he’d stared at me with those huge brown eyes and shook his head. The only time I’d been allowed to stay over since then is when we’d had a major deadline to meet with some of our international partners. Beyond that, I am required to sleep in my own bed every night.

Task master!

I have to admit, he’d been right. Staying at the office for two and three days at a time had left me open for my ex to attempt to take over my Cherry persona and steal another half a mill before I cut off her tabs around town. I changed all the locks and closed out her credit cards. No more Mistress Nice and all round sap. That gravy train will never see the light of day again if Marcus has any say in the matter, and believe me he always has plenty to say even when he doesn’t speak about it. All he has to do is lift one eyebrow and all arguments from me die before they form on my lips.

He really doesn’t have to worry about it. I won’t allow anyone to get that close to me again. The walls are up and I’m on guard but that doesn’t mean I can’t cut loose and experience everything I’ve ever fantasized about. Vegas is simply the warm up. I’m shooting for sex on the Great Wall of China, ghost hunting and screwing in the haunted castles of Ireland. Spending a week or more in the hotel that was made famous in one of Stephen King’s novels. I want to see if the fear of being in those rooms can take my orgasms to new heights or if all the hype surrounding the hauntings is just that—hype.

Hell, I just might fall in love again while I’m on this trip. Stranger things have happened but I’m not going to search for it. This getaway is for reconnecting with old friends, meeting new ones and fulfilling every single fantasy I’ve ever had however elaborate it may be. I’m at a place in my life now where I can afford to do this and do it right.

No promises and no regrets.

My phone chirped an incoming message and I smiled when I glimpsed the photo attached to the number. My old friend Steve Eischer wanted to let me know he’d personally made sure my suite at the Cosmopolitan was stocked and ready as per my instructions. Now hurry up and get your ass out here. I can’t wait for you to meet my fiancé, Kate. The gang’s all here to welcome you home with a private party at Saints and Sinners to kick off your stay with us.

I shook my head. Same old Steve. We’d had a lot of fun back in the day. I wonder if this Kate can top him from the bottom. Bet any money she’s a firecracker just like the last one. Hell, she’d have to be to get him to give up the bachelor life. Two failed marriages and an empire worth billions is enough to prevent anyone from settling down. I’m no better. Since the fiasco with the last ex, I’ve kept everyone at arm’s length. Easier that way. Love them and leave them wanting more. That had been my motto when I was an actress, and even more now that I call all the shots.

I tapped out the message and added all the required dirty emoticons I knew would make him laugh. I’m heading out on the first flight Tuesday morning. Should be there around 8am. If you can haul your ass out of bed and away from Kate that early, I’d love to join both of you for breakfast in my suite. I’ll whip up my famous omelets and fill you in on what I had in mind for my stay in “your” town. In the meantime, I’m hiding out at the beach house for the weekend to rest up. You’ll wish you had too once you see my list!


* * * *

Next week: Sex on the Beach in Chapter 3!

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The #BucketList will be here as a Free READ next month! #erotic

Hello my friends it’s been far to long! I have no excuse for it other than being caught up in real life sucks beyond words. Now I’m back to writing again and enjoying every single second. I hope you all were naughty while I was away and I’d love to hear about it. Just leave a comment below and let’s get this party started!

Now on to “book business”

Prowling Vegas CoverAfter debating with myself for the last couple months, I’ve decided to release Prowling Vegas and the following novellas in The Bucket List series as free reads here on the blog. Sassy Vixen Publishing will promote links to my blog so more of you can enjoy my fantasy journey. These are experiences I was able to check off my personal sexual Bucket List and I hope reading them will inspire you to create your own lists. Don’t be shy! There are no rules when it comes to your own fantasies. The sky’s the limit. Why not push your inhibitions out the door and give yourself over to every temptation. If you’re not ready to experience them yet, write them down in a journal. Use great detail, but be prepared to throw all of it out the window when you’re able to bring your fantasy to life. The orgasms come when you give yourself permission to let them crash through you. Trust me. Once you ditch the hangups and what you THINK others will say about your fantasies, you’ll be able to experience each moment to the fullest.

So get ready for my LA and Vegas adventures to make March ROAR to life!

See you soon!


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The Cover for #ProwlingVegas is Here! #erotic #memoir

Hello lovelies!

I’ve been away working on edits and gearing up to have Prowling Vegas out there for everyone. Imagine my surprise when I opened my email to find the cover art for this one. Whoop! They’ve captured a bit of me in there and I love it. As you know, this series is based on my real life escapades. Of course it’s a fictionalized account and names have been changed to protect all involved. Everything depicted within the pages of these books was done between consenting adults. I’ve also obtained signed waivers from those my characters are based upon so if anyone comes out of the woodwork claiming to be one of my lovers, you can bet the bank they’re living their own fantasy and not one word of it will be true.

Sorry, I had to put that out there. Yes I have been contacted by a few individuals claiming they have a right to tell their story along with mine. There’s nothing stopping them…unless they try to claim I’m part of their real life sexcapades. Then they’ll have my lawyers to deal with and they take no prisoners.

Just sayin’.


Anyhoooo. Let’s get down to business. Here’s my new cover! Let me know what you think about it in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

Until the next prowl…


Prowling Vegas Cover

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#ProwlingVegas with @KatSeyesAuthor for #ScintillatingSunday

Mile High Muses Graphic for Sundays


Hello my lovelies! Welcome to The Kat House and my very first blog hop. I’m finishing up Prowling Vegas (The Bucket List 1) and thought I’d jump into this thing with the opening paragraphs for you today.The Scintillating Sunday Showcase is a weekly blog hop where participants share EIGHT paragraphs, sentences, lines, or words from one of their books or works in progress that they feel is scintillating. I hope you all think the excerpt below is scintillating…let me know what you think!

At the bottom of the post is the list of the other participants. Make sure you check out the others. You’ll find different heat levels all across the romance and erotic genres. Enjoy!


Excerpt from Prowling Vegas (The Bucket List 1)

I circled the tall, heavily tattooed and pierced specimen before me. He had gathered his long, dirty blond colored hair at the nape of his neck and not in one of those frickin’ man buns I detest. He’d done his research about my tastes and it showed in his demeanor now and in the way he held my gaze during the introductions. Respectful and yet full of fire.

Just the way I liked them.

“I’ll leave you alone to discuss the position in more detail.” My assistant, Marcus winked as he closed the doors behind him.

This one was his special gift to me and I had no doubt Marcus gave him explicit instructions on what to do to please me. Time to see if he looked as yummy without the gift wrapping.

I snapped my fingers and the stud muffin stripped and dropped to his knees before me.

I nearly gasped as his cock sprang to life and appeared to dance before my eyes. Oh yes. I could do a lot with this one. He’d star in a movie or two, maybe even grace one of the covers of our books. My mouth watered and my pussy clenched at the thought of him slamming into me over and over again. He’d be the perfect ending to one hell of a stressful day of endless meetings for Kat House Productions. Our publishing division had been under another attack by the some Mommy group claiming we were the downfall of the young generation of this country. They’d threatened to burn our books and a group of them had trolled my authors online. I’d had enough and meant to put a stop to it once and for all.

closeup of sexy and confident business womanAfter giving them the floor for over two hours, I was finally allowed to speak. I’d sashayed across the stage in my curve hugging business suit and sky high red heels. I’d deliberately piled my long raven colored hair on top of my head and worn my thick rimmed glasses in order to confuse them. The sexy librarian look is my go to ensemble when confronting mobs expecting to see the former porn queen in all her glory. Little did they know that behind the thirty six triple Ds was a broad with a MBA from Stanford.  I may have earned a shit ton of money on my back, but I turned it all into an empire each and every one of them would kill to be a part of but would never admit out loud.

I stared out at all those angry faces of parents ready to burn me at the stake for filling the minds of their kids with smut. I pulled my glasses down over my nose and scanned the audience for another thirty seconds of silence until I caught a few squirming in their seats. “Thank you for calling this Town Hall meeting. I’ve listened to each and every one of you share your stories of how your kids have been corrupted by the onslaught of porn and erotica on line, in movies and in books. I have two questions for you. Where the hell were you when your kids got their hands on material sold to adults? Where were you and your parental guidance to steer them away from images not meant for their eyes? It’s not my job to babysit your offspring. It’s not the job of my authors or the actors in my movies. You have the ability to take away the smart phones, prevent access to adult sites and programs on the Web. You can stop dropping your kids off at the movie theater and believe them when they say they won’t sneak into that new NC-17 movie everyone is raving about.”


There you have it! Look for this one to be released within the next few weeks. Thank you for stopping in today and please check out the other blogs listed below!

Mile High Muses Graphic for Sundays


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